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TELESIMPLY BUSINESS SOLUTIONS Associates can make money in ten primary ways:

PERSONAL SALES (DIRECT SALES) - Franchisors and associates earn a certain amount depending on the type of business franchise a client had purchased.

SALES BY HAVING A NEW FRANCHISOR ON YOUR TEAM - Franchisors can also invite a new franchisor that will become part of their team to do the same work and to both grow their team with a productive business alliance to create UN imaginary unlimited residual earnings.

SALES BY RECEIVING RESIDUAL INCOME - Residual income is earned after building an empire of productive people and becoming a part of your team. You earn money when an Associate whom you have sponsored or a sign-up franchisor makes a sale. Having a productive team under you will allow you to generate unlimited residual income from others people's productions and hard work. As a senior franchisor, you are entitled to get paid continuously because you had put all your time, effort, and work hard ahead to build your organization. And by building productive and consistent team members under you like; the new franchisors, your marketing armies such as your Sponsored Independent Marketing Agent SIMA GENERALS and SIMA SOLDIERS that will help you create a great flow of clients from everywhere without putting tons of effort. These teams become the assets that will pay you continuously even you produce less effort in the future.

ANNUAL RENEWALS - When a membership is renewed beyond the original advance period (typically one year), associates earn money each month that membership continues to be active.

BONUSES - Franchisors can also earn special bonuses when they sell a certain number of memberships or produced and reach a certain number of productions in a given period.

EARN THROUGH BUSINESS ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (BAP) - Our business assistance program is an optional earning system that is exclusively available only for a business franchisor, this program provides assistance to another member of our company, who does not have extra time to do some of their business dealings such as; calling a prospect or meeting a client in person to discuss our products and services, placing the client information in their back-office portal and preparing their company invoice for payout. Overall it’s a win-win situation for both parties as it creates additional earnings for both parties.

EARN ADDITIONAL EARNINGS ON VENTURE LEVEL SUCCESS - You can earn additional commissions, as you upsell more and reach the monthly, quarterly, and annual sales target for your company.
EARN FROM YOUR INDEPENDENT BUSINESS BROKER (IBB) - An Independent Business Broker offers a wide range of business networks with the goal of matching up prospective business entrepreneurs with the right franchise opportunity. Independent Business Broker represents ExpoFranchise.
EARN FROM YOUR INDEPENDENT BUSINESS ENTREPRENEUR (IBE) - Is a small-business owner who operates a franchise. Independent Business Entrepreneur, acts as a franchisee, that will run and grow their own business in order to gain success, but with the guidance and support of the main company

EARN FROM YOUR OWN BRAND AMBASSADORS - By having your personal marketing team, will help you create additional earning commissions for yourself. Less effort for you but more earnings for yourself. Select and filter the best sales and marketing agents in the market and make them your team. Enjoy having a great business associate and earn more money while your SIMA GEN AND SIMA SOLDIERS are working, with you to reach your success. SIMA GEN AND SIMA SOL are the marketing armies that will help you bring thousands of prospective clients that will create a great flow of earnings from anywhere and everywhere without your knowledge.

INVESTMENT WITH MILLIONAIRES CLUB - This is a Passive Income where you can earn money from an enterprise with little or no ongoing effort involved, but most likely, the upfront investment of a passive income stream took time and money. This is also a Recurring Service that generally offers an ongoing basis and paid for in regular monthly, quarterly, or annual payments.

These teams are the great assets that will pay you a residual income commission continuously even if you cannot produce much; you having a SIMA will give you more room for success even if you put less effort in the future. Just build a strong team! Select best of the best and let them work together. Guaranteed great results!
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