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What is an Order Entry Specialist?

An Order Entry Specialist is a personthat is liable for taking in and following orders from the business’s customers. They're the individuals behind the phonelines oronline portals who receive customers' calls and emails and texts regarding product orders.They sort quick with high accuracy to create positive that each one forwarded info to different departments is correct. Also, they track the inventories and following numbers for documentation.

What Does an Order Entry Specialist Do?

An Order Entry Specialist encodes information and knowledge as per customer’s response.As the job title implies,they essentially take the orders from the purchasers. They typically have a lot of interaction with customers concerning updates on their shipments and deliveries. They additionally do inventories as required. Technically, they are in charge of making surethat the client gets what they asked for which there are still stocks of the product or slots for the services customers would possibly avail. They track deliveries too so as to assure customers that they're going to receive their orders at the same date and time.


  • Flexibility to fulfill distinctive volume fluctuations through innovative staffing ways.

  • Superior agent product data and knowledge.

  • Web-based CRM platform with catalog/online retail-specific practicality.

  • Significantly scale back price, grow average order worth, and overall revenue.

  • Ability to access customers CRM/OMS system or use the call centers web-based CRM/OMS that permits for a unified, intuitive interface leading to reduced coaching time and more efficient call handling.

  • 24/7 oversight of service level performance across call centers together with period selections to regulate talent sets or extra resources if required.

  • Vast reportage capabilities specifically designed for catalog and online retail call centers.

  • Excellent results from performance-based program management.

  • Grow top-line revenue through a rigorous concentrate on relationship mercantilism, up-selling, and cross-selling.

  • Lower prices through call rejection ways (IVR, self-service, email support, live chat), still as concentrate on lowering average handling time through intensive coaching and quality monitoring ways.

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