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Follow Up Caller Clerk?

Solicits customers, to arrange appointments for maintenance recommended by the manufacturer or to promote specials or other after-sales services. Follows up with customers on the telephone, as required, and verifies customer satisfaction

What does a Follow Up Caller Clerk?

  • Solicits existing customers, to promote the maintenance services recommended by the manufacturer and, where applicable, also promotes other after-sales services, as instructed by management.

  • Arranges and confirms appointments.

  • Actively participates in managing the customer database. Ensures that the list of calls is updated.

  • Consults customer history before making the telephone calls.

  • Issues activity reports and keeps a file on telephone follow-up successes.

  • Actively participates in developing call scenarios, in order to meet objectives for numbers of appointments arranged. o Actively participates in managing appointment making in the department.

  • Follows up on files which are his/her responsibility

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