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BPO is diversifying in Japan. Over the past five years, operations commonly outsourced 
in the fund industry have expanded from data entry to a variety of functions, including even judgemental tasks.
Meanwhile, partial outsourcing has emerged as an alternative to turnkey outsourcing.
The business process outsourcing (BPO) adoption rate among Japanese organizations has always lagged that of North America and Western Europe, despite the relative maturity of the Japanese market. But the combination of continuous cost-saving pressures, increasing competition, and global business expansion will drive increased BPO demand from Japanese companies.
Japanese Advantage in BPO industry:
  • Effective and accurate processing of customer’s orders, a sample including invoicing
  • Increasing customer satisfaction.

  • Contribution to complaints resolution.

  • Company’s image towards customers.

  • Support to inventory management for local warehouses.

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