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The BPO sector enables young people to freely improve their skills in the area in which they feel comfortable. Many organizations give you a wide variety of opportunities where you can find the most suitable set of roles and responsibilities. However, it doesn’t stop at finding the one and only role. Gaining work experience is an advantage of each kind of job which you will find in any kind of company. Corporations from the BPO sector not only provide their employees with opportunities to increase the hard skills from day-to-day work but also invest in their hard skills gained during advanced post-graduate studies. Organizations try to align their offers with the BPO sector. Thanks to such initiatives, you may become a very knowledgeable and experienced professional who will be highly valued in the labor market.
  1. BPO industry in Poland is an excellent place for young people who would like to start their career in the areas of Finance and Accounting, IT, Sourcing and Procurement and many other.
  2. The employee has an opportunity to join  a unique set of training which will help him or she gets acquainted with outsourcing processes
  3. Each employee will also go through a big variety of training related to client specific processes and soft skills.
  4. During day-to-day work, everyone gains expertise in the employee's particular area of responsibility, but this can be extended to other areas by taking part in improvement projects, short and long-term assignments in client’s locations or horizontal/vertical progressions and promotions.
By taking yourself outside your “comfort zone”, you can significantly increase your various experiences and your value in the labor market. 
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