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Thailand is becoming a major player in the global market for offshoring IT (information technology) services and BPO (business process outsourcing).  Thailand is ranked 6th in the world among outsourcing countries.

There are three main categories of financial attractiveness, people skills and availability, and business environment. Not only did Thailand score well as a financially attractive location, but it also beat out its Southeast Asian neighbors Malaysia, Vietnam, and the Philippines in the category of people skills and availability.

Thailand has potential to continue growing rapidly as an outsourcing destination with thousands more skilled professionals entering the workforce each year. It’s estimated that around 100,000 are currently working in software and computer services, and this is a young workforce, as most are yet still under the age of 30.

Advantages of IT Offshore Outsourcing

A large number of companies in the US and other developed countries regularly hire outsourced IT services because of the advantages for their business.

You can keep long-term costs under control by paying for only your current staff needs rather than hiring more full-time employees.

Rather than hand-picking staff one-by-one to find suitable and qualified individuals for each area of the project (designer, front-end developer, back-end developer, project manager, etc.) you can delegate this to the outsourcing company who knows the strengths of their employees and can assemble an entire team for you.

An outsourcing agency working on your IT project has the ability to quickly add staff when needed for small specialized tasks or to speed up the project towards completion.

Alternately, if you have an ongoing project and the costs are taking up too much of your resources, you have the option to scale back the project team easily. With full-time employees, you’d be forced to make difficult decisions about laying off staff.

The risk is minimized by outsourcing your IT project to a team that has experience working together using a system that gets results. Doing it on your own means you’re stumbling around in the dark, left to deal with the battling egos of various team members who may not agree on how to proceed.

Outsourcing your IT project leaves your hands free to concentrate on the big picture. Project management is taken care of for you by those with experience coordinating all the moving parts.

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