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Your business tax should be filed annually to avoid a challenging situation with the CRA. You must keep all the receipts pertaining to your business expenses to help you lessen your taxes and make them easier to file.​
ANNUALLY YOU MUST REQUEST FOR A T4A FROM THE COMPANY - Once you send a request and we received your written request for your T4A, you will receive an acknowledgment letter and a reply confirming that we received your T4A request and within 7 business days your T4A will be mailed out directly to your home address.
BASIC EXPENSES IN RUNNING A BUSINESS - If you are starting a business, you must keep in mind that there are other expenses that are needed to be done in order for you to grow your business:
  • Your business websites for you to easily grow your business (OPTIONAL)
  • Your marketing materials if you want to grow your business such as flyers, brochures, business cards, events, client meetings, travel costs. (OPTIONAL)
  • Business number (OPTIONAL)
  • Business email (OPTIONAL)
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